These Kids Are Loud and Proud!

kids in washington

Prior to coming to DC, Caitlin spent a great deal of time prepping what she was going to say. From time to time, I would coach her – “can’t hear that sweetie”… and she would respond. “OK, once more, Loud and Proud!” I thought that was a perfect focus phrase as we stepped on to the hill…. because that is certainly what these kids delivered. They came in numbers to deliver their personal stories with conviction – and I have to believe that those Senators (or in many cases, their legislative assistants) heard the message.

In our own meeting, four children spoke… but I know the words were echoed throughout the over 80 visits that took place today. Kids Get Arthritis Too! I don’t have access to a doctor. I want medications that will work for me. I’m sick of being in pain every day. I’m tired of not being able to play in PE, or play soccer, or dance. I can only go to school part time… and I don’t like being different! I’m going to be a fashion designer, or a congress woman, or a doctor – and I don’t plan on arthritis getting in my way! I’m going to get married and have children and I don’t think they should have to go through the things that I have gone through!!!! Please do something about it – support our cause…. make a difference – don’t ignore us!

These young advocates were so amazing today. These kids delivered BIG time – Loud and Proud!!!!

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