Ten Things You Might Not Know About Walk


1.There is no registration fee. Many charity walks require a payment to participate. While the obvious goal of the Arthritis Walk is to raise money, and many of our walks have a minimum donation level to receive incentive prizes, there is no cost to join.

2. Walk is the largest single fundraising event for the Arthritis Foundation. This year, the goal is to raise more than $10 million! We can do it!

3. Walks are family friendly and often waggers are welcome! All Arthritis Walks have a 1 mile and a 3 mile option, and all routes should be wheelchair, stroller and wagon accessible. Many walks have special activities geared just for kids – such as special crafts, clowns, balloons, and kid’s games! To find out if your local walk welcomes dogs, visit the specific walk web site or contact your local chapter office.

4. You don’t actually have to walk! Many people with arthritis are challenged with mobility issues and chronic pain. For them, a 3 mile walk is simply out of the question! But anybody can still participate by signing up and helping to raise money. Anybody can come out to the festival zone and be a part of the effort to improve the lives of all those living with arthritis. OR, you can be a virtual walker – and participate online even if you can’t make it out on walk day.

5. Walks generally have a 10% or lower cost ratio! This is why walks are one of the most cost efficient fundraising events. Much of the support for walks, such as entertainment, food and beverages, and volunteer staff is all donated. Which means that at least 90% of all money goes to support the education, programs and research for the AF. Other large events such as galas and golf tournaments can have a much higher cost ratio of 25% to 40%!

6. There are over 230 walks across the Unites States. To find the walk nearest you, visit http://www.letsmovetogether.org.

7. Walk is a celebration! After all of the efforts of raising money, Arthritis Walk is a chance to celebrate our hard work. Walk is a great place to meet other people with various forms of arthritis, as well as to get information about the programs offered by the Arthritis Foundation near you. Most walks have entertainment, food and beverages, and offer tons of great information.

8. Walks are volunteer driven! Though each chapter office does have staff that spend time working on planning and executing Arthritis Walk, most walks also have a dedicated committee of volunteers that meet for months in advance. Volunteers are often responsible for securing donations, helping manage teams, entertainment, planning the Kids Zone, coordinating vendors, executing the logistics and overseeing the set-up and tear-down of the event. Volunteers make this event grow and thrive!

9. You can participate as an individual or a team. Anybody can sign up for a walk as an individual… and if you have a couple of people to walk with you, you can be a team! There is no minimum number of people required to make a team.

10. Online tools make it easy. The online system for arthritis walk will help you to set up your personal walker page, where you can upload a picture and tell your story. You can send e-mails directly through the system, asking for people to walk with you or to support your cause with a donation. There are even tools to attach your effort to your facebook page! These tools make it easy to make the ask. And remember, the number one reason that people don’t donate is…. Nobody asked them.

arthritis walk start line arch

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