Making a video of your story….

So this one is primarily for the moms and dads on my support pages.

One of the most powerful things that anybody with arthritis can do is to tell your story.  People need to have the misconceptions wiped away – and one of the most effective ways to make that happen is to introduce them to somebody real, and then  explain what arthritis means to that person and all those that love them.  To show them… show them swollen knees, puffy cheeks, sitting on the bench.  Show them shots, and pills, and hospitals…. Show them not walking, not playing, not being able to brush your own hair.

There are lots of ways to do this – but a short video is very effective – and not that difficult to pull off without fancy equipment or expertise.

Most people have Movie Maker on their Windows package. If you do, here are some tips on how you can put together a video to tell your own story….


Movie Maker is an editing program that allows you to blend photos, video clips, music,
transitions, effects and titles to make a movie viewable by e-mail, or
uploadable to video sharing sites (such as you-tube or vimeo).

Before you begin creating your movie, it’s best to collect all of your photos in one place – for easier importing.  I suggest creating a
folder, perhaps on your desktop or in your photo directory, titled with the
project you are working on (ie: Walk Team 2011).  Copy all of the photos you would like to use into the folder.

Movie Maker also lets you add music to your slideshows or movies.  You can purchase a track from I-tunes, Rhapsody, Amazon etc to use with your movie… or you can use a track you already own on CD, MP3, MP4 etc.  (I should caveat that the use of copyrighted music is not legal…. and if you publish videos that containe copyrighted music to public sites, they may be muted or taken down.)

Once you haveyour photos and music ready, Open Movie Maker.
You will find it listed under your “Programs” menu.  You will notice that when you open the program, the tasks are separated into 3 different areas:

  • Capture Video
  • Edit your Movie
  • Finish / Publish Your Movie

There are two ways to view /edit your video: Storyboard and Timeline View.  Storyboard will be used when adding photos, adding changing transitions etc.
Timeline will be used when adding / cropping music, changing the duration of slides/titles etc.

*** Remember to save your work frequently while working on your project.

The first thing you want to do is move your pictures and music into the program.

  • Click on the “Import Pictures” button
  • A pop-up window will allow you to browse to the location of your pictures
  • Highlight all of the pictures you wish to import
  • Click “import”
  • Repeat the process with any songs you wish to use
  • You can also repeat the process with short video clips

Once the photos are imported, you can drag and drop the photos into the storyboard
timeline at the bottom of the screen.  If you want to change the order of the photos, simply click on the photo you wish to move, and drag it to a new place.  You
can also delete a photo from the timeline, by right clicking your mouse and
choosing “Delete”.

When you have the photos in the order you prefer, you can add transitions.

  • Under “Edit Movie”, click on “view video transitions”
  • Click on the video transition you wish to use
  • Drag the transition down to the storyboard and drop it into the box between the two photos you are blending
  • Continue the process until there are transitions between the photos
  • At any time, you can view the movie by clicking on a slide in the storyboard, and the clicking the “play” button in the bottom of the view screen on the right
  • If there is no transition assigned between the photos, the images will just flash one to the other

You can also add “Effects” to an individual photo:

  • Right click on the photo in the storyboard
  • Click on “Video Effects”
  • Choose the video effect you wish to assign to the photo.
  • This is also where you can rotate
    a photo to get the right layout (ie: rotate 90 degrees, 180 degrees etc.)
  • You can also ease in / out, fade in/out etc.

To add music to the movie, drag and drop a song from your imported collection down to the video (note: when you add music, the view of your edit will change to
“Timeline” view.  Timeline will allow you to drag your song to exactly where you want it to play.  For instance, if you want the music to start
after the first few slides, you can simply drag you song along to timeline
until it lines up with the correct slide.

To add titles / word slides to the video Click on “Make Titles or Credits” under “Edit
Movie”.  This will allow you to do several things:

  • Add a title at the beginning of your movie
  • Add a slide with words before or after a chosen photo
  • Add a title on top of a chosen slide
  • Add a slide / credits at the end of your movie

Once you start to add the title slide, you’ll be given options for choosing font, color
and animation.

Once you have finished editing your movie, choose one of the options under “Finish
Movie”.  Remember to save your project before you finish the movie, so you can always come back to it and save it a different way.  You can save the movie to
your computer…. And then later upload it to a video sharing web site.  You can also save the movie to a CD / DVD to give to others. You can even share a “small” version of your movie to send by e-mail.


Here’s a sample I did a few years ago for our walk team:

Here’s a short you tube video on using the program.

Good luck!  Every additional story told is helping everybody battle…. so thank you.

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