Day 3 of the CCC- Heading to Big Sur

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”

Helen Keller

Out of all the legs of this tour, I think I was looking forward to this one the most – in terms of living vicariously through Dave’s experience.  If you’ve never been to Big Sur, it is one of the most breathtaking spots in California, if not the country.  The ancient Redwoods meet the rocky and beachy coastline in Big Sur.  We’ve camped there a few times, and the way the sunlight dances through the branches to make artwork on the surface of the ground, or your skin – well, it’s a bit magical.  We have an Ansel Adams print in out kitchen – a gift from friends after on of those camping trips – to help us relive that beauty.

So, now that he is familiar with the pace of the tour – Dave is slowing things down a bit to enjoy the journey.  He took about 6 hours yesterday, with stops along the way to inhale some of the beauty.

He caught this image in Carmel…

Dave partnered with some new riders today.  Among them was Robert, who was traveling with his wife.  Robert is a central coast local, and to the benefit of all the riders with him today, he also happens to be a member at Pebble Beach, one of the most legendary Golf Clubs in the world.  So, the guys got to pause and spend a while touring the facilities and soaking up the greatness of it all….

This was the coast 10 miles north of Big Sur…

And this was the first  Redwood he spotted…

The last stop of the day was at the River Inn at Big Sur.  After 4o miles today, the riders enjoyed some time in the river, and a late afternoon snack….

Dave didn’t really get to have a vacation this year, because he was saving up his time for this ride.  We had a couple of long weekends – but he never had a full week to decompress.  On vacation, there is no razor.  He actually left it at home for this tour, preferring to let his beard grow wild.  Ok, so, this will mostly end up being heavy stubble, because Dave is not a beardy guy.  But he is calling his beard the Klippel Coat, after the Foundation CEO, Dr. Jack Klippel.  If you’ve never seen him, he has a very nice, short beard going on.  We happen to be very fond of him… and he’s always been supportive of our family and our efforts.  He had done the CCC in the past, but could not make it this year.  We’ll have a Princess jersey for him next time he rides.  So… Klippel Coat.  Here at the Princess Parade, we’re all about the short, alliterative brand names 🙂

Now for a brief mission moment.  I am privileged to know a lot of JA moms and dads from around the country – and with facebook, and web groups…. it’s easy to really get to know people.  Consequently, it’s not so much sympathy when their child suffer, but empathy… and empathy to the point of erosion –  a brillo pad scraping against your spirit and hope sometimes.  Because, even if you happen to be having a good day, you know so many who aren’t – and it’s hard not be sad about that.

Yesterday – nine year old Kylie’s mom shared this:

It’s a drawing that Kylie did in her “All ABout Me” newspaper at school.  It pretty much says it all… but I will add that I know how hard it is for parents to see this in context at a back-to-school conference and keep a stiff upper lip and dry eyes.  Been there… too many times.  But…. always turning back to the hope – Kylie is a remarkable girl and she will rise above and beyond (and I know her mother would not have it any other way!)

So… to the ride again!  On Tuesday, a trifling 66 miles to San Simeon:)

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2 Responses to Day 3 of the CCC- Heading to Big Sur

  1. alba says:

    buon giorno/hello
    BEAUTIFUL photograph of Big Sur
    good blessings to All .]

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