Post Script on the CCC – From Dave

Let me start my post script by thanking the most important people in my life, my family, the ones who sacrificed much to make this years participation in the CCC possible.  As you all know,  training is a solitary and time consuming effort which takes time away from those we love.  I really appreciate all of the support they have given me through these months of training.

I would like to especially thank my awesome wife Colleen for not only supporting me on my training and at this ride but during such a busy week of school, homework, practices and games she still took the time to work on this blog to keep all of my friends and family informed on my adventure.  Thank you sweetheart… I Love You.

 What an adventure it was!  I had such a great time on this ride I wish I could share it with more people and so that has become my goal.  I want spread the word of what motivated me this year, the mission of the Arthritis Foundation and the side effect of the great adventure that comes with this ride.

Spreading the word on this ride is now my mission and the more people I can encourage to take this challenge, the more people will learn about why I am doing it in the first place.  Currently I feel so motivated to recruit I am actively seeking riders to join us for next year, it’s what I have decided to do to alleviate the post ride depression we all are experiencing to some extent.  I would like to think this adrenaline would last all year but I know it will subside so I’m using it while I have it.  Hopefully it will payoff and I’ll have some more riders for the “Princess Parade” next year.

 I would also like to thank all of the other riders for not only taking the challenge and helping support a cause that means so much to me personally,  but for being so supportive to us new riders along the way.  It was a fantastic experience which was improved by the camaraderie of the more experienced riders.

Thanks to Mike, Scott, John and Paul for taking me on the many train rides that ate up some miles on those long days.  Thanks to Baltimore Bob Johnson for reminding me all along the way that it’s not a race to win but an adventure to enjoy.  Thanks a ton to Sean Caro (Pirate) who even though he was unable to ride due to injury took the time to join us and provided me with the invaluable “logistics” not covered in the planner for each leg and also for the years of recruitment you had to work to make this year possible.  Thanks to Dave, Jamie, John and Tom for also letting me ride their train for sometime and enjoy their ribbing of B. Bob at any opportunity.  Thanks toTroyfor being the one who puts the challenges out there for next year.  Thanks to all of the volunteers who made each challenge that much easier to face… it may sound silly but the cowbells do work.  Thanks toJamaicawho suggested I move the clips back on my shoes (it worked).

Thanks to John who was lucky enough to be there during 2 of my flat tires and didn’t hesitate jumping in getting his hands dirty and helping out, can’t wait to see his videos on  Thanks to Bob for taking us on a tour of the clubhouse at PebbleBeachnot too shabby.  Thanks to all the support staff who moved our equipment, who prepared our meals and arranged our checkpoints.  Thanks to Jeff for being the highest fundraiser again!  And to Harry for doing his best to beat him this year.

Thanks to you all and I can’t wait until next year and we can do it all again!

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One Response to Post Script on the CCC – From Dave

  1. Maureen Bykerk says:

    What a beautiful picture. Indeed, what a beautiful family!

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