Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery


Caitlin always seems to find new ways of surprising me.

Last week, she mentions sort of casually “Oh yeah, there’s this web site I keep meaning to show you.”

So, one night after dinner she pulls up this web site for her dad and I to see, and walks us through a virtual hip replacement surgery.  It’s a cartoon – so it’s not gory.  But it is very detailed and accurate.. with you at the controls walking step by step through a hip replacement surgery.  Can I just say… bone saw?

We kept pausing it and peppering her with questions.  “Where did you find this?”. Computer class.  The teacher showed us. “When was that?”  In December of 201o,  right after the last surgery. “Did you show your friends?”  Yeah, they thought it was pretty crazy – but I think it made them understand that my surgery was a big deal.  “Did this upset you to see this?”  Not really….

We were so shocked.  Caitlin was only 11 for the first surgery and she did NOT want to know any of the details.  She really didn’t know what they had done – only a vague idea.  When she saw the first post-surgery x-ray I think she taken aback.

But now, she just sort of mentions casually that a year ago she learned about the whole process in very specific detail and didn’t mention it.  Crazy.

Gotta admit – it’s a cool site.  If you ever wanted to find out what the surgery is all about – you should check it out!  If hip replacement is not your cup of tea, you can also design a cell phone or conduct a crash scene investigation.  Lots of fun stuff 🙂

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One Response to Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery

  1. Steve Bertram says:

    Caitlin is an inspiration to me. Her bravery surpasses most adults who have everything and are miserable. Please continue the wonderful dedication and encourage Caitlin that she has an old soul, of love and compation.

    Grace is at hand

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