Day 4 – San Simeon

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” John Quincy Adams

Apparently – today was the toughest day of the ride physically.  It was 68 miles, which isn’t the longest day by far… but it was a lot of peaks and valleys.  Today was the day of Twin Sisters, which is also referred to by that popular euphemism that also means a female dog.

Breakfast this morning was inside the River Inn… as was dinner last night.  Looks pretty posh!

There was naturally, a ton of beautiful coast to see, including some early morning mist…

And there were some elephant seals enjoying the beach and sun…

Today was a Princess Parade (the 2011 edition) jersey day.  If you’ve been tracking, he’s got two jerseys with him and he’s trading off.  I’ve got new jerseys for the team to wear on Saturday – but otherwise, he’s just trading off between the two.  When he gets to camp, he just showers inside his riding cloths to clean them – and then lays them out to dry.

Camp this leg was farther south than last year, and a little farther from the beach.  That will make tomorrow a little easier, but wasn’t welcome news as the ride to camp stretched on today!  Perhaps the wine tasting evening at camp, with BBQ chicken and ribs will be good consolation!  Dave and the Pirate picked up some beer and firewood – and they are planning a campfire tonight!  Sounds fun – but I imagine Dave will be out before 9 after the ride today.

Today, Dave met another Dave, who is riding in honor of his daughter Caroline, who was diagnosed at 17 (and is now 25).  And he also got the chance to talk to Marc…

Marc has been at the stops with that beautiful conch, welcoming the riders.  He was planning on volunteering this week in support of his wife Dee, who was planning on riding this year.  But just as she was starting to train a couple of months ago, her RA flared really badly.  She’s still trying to get it fully under control again.  But Dee is along this year as a volunteer – her commitment to the cause never wavering!!

So another mission shout out tonight to Nikole – who is 12, and had her first hip replacement this summer.  Her story and struggle are very familiar to me… but unfortunately, she has not had the same trip to remission that Caitlin has had.  I like to tell people that Caitlin should be the last 11 year old to need titanium hips because of arthritis… but she wasn’t.  Still work to do!  So ride on all you crazy riders!

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