Day 5 – Pismo Beach

The day started out cold for most of the morning.  Dave hit the road about 8am…He rode with Matteo most of the day and completed the 56 miles by about 1pm. As I learned the first day, Matteo is pretty dang fast and in keeping up with him, looks like my lycra clad hottie is pretty fast too!

Dave is an incredibly early riser.  At home, he is generally up no later than 3:30 for work, and on the weekends he sleeps in until about 5.  I noticed on the first night of the ride that he pitched his tent near the outside of the circle at camp.   I think that’s because he doesn’t to wake anybody when he gets up at 4.  He tries to go back to sleep – especially since it’s been about 5:30 when the coffee is brewed and ready.  But he says that most of the riders seem to get up early.  There are those party animals who like to stay up until the wee hours (you know who you are Playa Pushers!) and they are the ones generally scooting out last in the mornings.









I’m not sure who this rider is.  One of the staff posted this.  But I had to post, because he looks so darn happy!!!
















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