Super JA Mom

Today, on Mother’s Day,  I am celebrating the women in my life, who have nurtured and mentored and created beauty.  They have taught me, shared, and supported and loved freely. Not all of them are mothers – some are aunts, some are grandparents, some are in-laws – some are just women I know.

But I have to pay special tribute in this space – to a group of people who are super special because they share a special journey with me.  They have a child with a chronic health condition as well. It is because of this shared journey, that they have been uniquely capable of lending a hand during some of the darkest times of my life.  They have been understanding and knowledgeable and empathetic in ways that have literally lifted me from the ground – because they have been on that ground.  They have battled in this war – and they know me, what I face… they know my fears that I cannot speak aloud.  They have shared their strength and hope, when they barely had enough left for themselves.  They share my dreams.

Of course – it is not only mothers – it is fathers – and aunts, and grandmothers, sisters, brothers.  It is the people who live with and love somebody who fights everyday living with arthritis. Thank you for your super powers!


Super JA Mom-

She has no unique cape that makes JA disappear

No gold engraved bracelet that deflects worry and fear

There is no super-car that speeds out of a flare

No magic fairy dust sprinkled that administers care

She has no mystic way to eliminate pain

No wand to be waived to make it normal again

There is no shield, no sword that you can actually see

But she is a super warrior, fighting battle daily

Her powers are strength, tenacity, faith, hope and love

Her tools are her heart, her passion, her will to rise above

She catches the tears, and holds back the fears

Give shots, watches labs and hopes months upon years

She researches, and challenges and looks for the clues

She paces the hospital floor waiting for news

The questions, the decisions she faces head-on

She carries her child when his own strength is gone

She would walk the whole world, to make JA go away

She would give her own legs so that he could go play

She worries behind doors, cries quietly at night

But by day, she stands tall and picks up the fight

She educates and advocates and paves the way for her baby

One day and one step at a time, so that maybe

Her little hero won’t need tights and an invisible plane

To fly free of a life living with chronic pain

So don’t let the lack of a latex costume fool you

JA Mom is a super hero, a warrior tried and true.

And victory will be hers.

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6 Responses to Super JA Mom

  1. Karen Dew says:

    This is wonderful and truly inspiring!

  2. Sophie Levindoski says:

    Love this, Colleen! So true, and brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Leigh Green says:


  4. Rochelle says:

    Much love…Happy Super-Mom Day!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your blog and your encouraging words. Finding your blog has been a lifesaver since our recent diagnosis of our 5 year old daughter with systemic jia. Hugs and blessings to your beautiful family.

    • jiamom says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Ruth! I hope your JA Warrior finds control quickly! Best hopes for great days to you and your family… and please reach out if there is anything I can ever offer to assist you…

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