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Freaking Out

What started out as a little doubt and fear has grown into a full fledged panic. There is definitely something wrong. The legs that were even right after the surgery are not anymore. The difference in length is staggering, alarming … Continue reading

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48 Hours Later

So… 48 hours after surgery, we were headed home. I think I spent about that much time in the hospital after each of my children were delivered… and those were all easy deliveries. Seems like hip replacement is a more … Continue reading

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Pain and Anxiety

I had the most amazing discussion with my twelve year old daughter during the last week of school. She asked to speak to me alone in the evening and said it was important. When we finally had some privacy, she … Continue reading

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Where We Have Been….

  I knew we would be here again… but I am sad nonetheless. Caitlin’s flare refuses to be knocked back after three pulses of prednisone. Her knees are grapefruits, and her hands and wrists are so swollen that holding a … Continue reading

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Those Dark Early Days

  Lately, it seems there have been a number of parents with newly diagnosed children on the community boards, writing blogs, in my local chapter. While I am so amazed at people’s ability to take control and reach out for … Continue reading

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