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The party’s over….or at least on hiatus

Well, it’s been two years since Caitlin had her last infusion of Actemra.  Two years since she took her last dose of methotrexate.   Two great years of remission – of vacation from almost everything we lived with her systemic juvenile … Continue reading

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Big Sur…..

I think if there was a moment that I truly envy Dave’s experience on this ride… well, there are many – but if I had to pick a few, this would be up there. It’s the moment when the riders … Continue reading

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Antibiotics Before the Dentist?

You may remember that my daughter’s dentist and I had a pretty rocky road to travel on the way to our current state of mutual respect.  Now, we routinely exchange information and I honestly feel as if he has come to … Continue reading

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Cease Fire….

I have often said that our experience with arthritis has been like a war – a series of battles.  It’s been one step forwards and two steps back, constantly searching for the right treatment and waiting to catch a break.  … Continue reading

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Night night, sleep tight….

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher in life’s feast. ~William Shakespeare, Macbeth When Caitlin was two, she learned … Continue reading

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Why The Dentist Is Afraid of Me…

When your child has arthritis – most doctors’ appointments are more than routine. It’s usually more than a “regular check-up”. Often, they involve an extra trip to the lab for a blood draw, or a swing by for some x-rays. … Continue reading

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Where We Have Been….

  I knew we would be here again… but I am sad nonetheless. Caitlin’s flare refuses to be knocked back after three pulses of prednisone. Her knees are grapefruits, and her hands and wrists are so swollen that holding a … Continue reading

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What Is It With Spring?

It’s supposed to be a great time of year – flowers blooming. Longer, warmer days. The promise of summer on the horizon. You would think that spring might be a good time for arthritis. If you imagine months of winter … Continue reading

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